University of Advancing Technology
Student Government President


I joined the Student Union at UAT during my second semester, after attending a LAN party and becoming interested in hosting more events on campus. By May of 2004 I had transformed the 5 person student union into a 20 person regular student government, with official paid positions and action items. At this time an election was held for the official positions. With my extensive previous participation and decently promoted interest in the well being of the students, I secured my position as student government president. During my 1 year term, I was able to develop processes to allow and encourage students to participate in event organization, curriculum development and reform, scheduling optimization, organize a regular student government presence, and most importantly drive the information collecting body that would substantiate the student constituency in UAT's application for North Central Accreditation. The student government has been able to sustain itself as a presence at UAT.

Lessons Learned

This has been the most valuable experience of my life. Building a self sustaining organization has taught me the importance of clear succinct communication, time and issue management, and most importantly understanding the implications of being part of an organizational system.