• My name is Marcial White and I am a technology enthusiast
  • I'm an Infrastructure/DevOps/Site Reliability Engineer spending time on architecting and deploying highly available, performant and scalable infrastructures since 2008
  • I am a 2007 graduate of the University of Advancing Technology, and hold certificates for Ethical Hacking and Kubernetes Administration.
  • I prefer reading YAML to JSON, and think that two spaces is easier to read than four
If you have any questions, comments or would like to hire me, please contact me via email at binary.stereo [at] gmail [dot] com

Who I Am

  • I have architected, deployed and maintained highly available infrastructures with Amazon Web Services and VMWare. In 2015 I began tracking the Kubernetes project and have since developed a deep appreciation for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and surrounding ecosystem.
  • I am very proud to have built, maintained and delivered multiple Kubernetes trainings in the Denver Metro area.
  • I'm a computer geek with security certificates to catalyze his academic and professional experience in security and technology automation
  • I'm also a self motivated leader, who has demonstrated his skills in the creation and management of Student Government and with various professional teams and projects
  • Committed to being a life long learner

My Professional Goals

  • To architect, deploy, optimize, document and support highly available technology infrastructure
  • To study business requirements such that I may champion informed and reasonable solutions with measurable business impact
  • To seek edification in technology, music, and having fun. Hopefully at the same time!