Penetration Testing Presentation


Penetration testing is the practice of stress testing a network for vulnerabilities. It is very important for companies to understand their infrastructure before an incident occurs. Incidents include anything from a password being lost, personal data being improperly discarded, or even providing the wrong level of access to a resource to an employee. With proper testing and understand of the infrastructure and supporting organization, many risks can be mitigated and prove extremely useful in the long term. This is a comprehensive discussion on concepts, technologies and tools, social engineering and execution of a penetration test.

The presentation that I created and conducted at DC480 1 is available in the link above.

Lessons Learned

This presentation was another opportunity for me to hone my public speaking skills, and talk about many of the interesting technologies and methodologies implemented in industry. It also required that I present the data I collected in a manner that would make sense to those who had not studied the subject matter as extensively as I had.